Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is an engaging and free online game that challenges players to trap a mischievous cat within a grid. Learn tips, tricks, and strategies.

About Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is an exciting and addictive online game that has captured the attention of numerous players. With its simple gameplay and challenging objective, trapping the elusive cat requires quick thinking and strategic planning. This article will explore the gameplay, tips, tricks, and winning strategies for Trap The Cat.


Trap The Cat's game board consists of ticked boxes and a mischievous cat. The objective is to create a barrier around the cat, preventing it from escaping. By clicking on the boxes, you darken them, restricting the cat's movement and confining it within your trap. However, be cautious, as each click causes the cat to move in a specific direction, making it essential to anticipate its movements and outsmart it.

How to Controls

  • Try to catch the cat by darkening the spots with your mouse.
  • Every time, the cat moves in any direction.
  • The color of the spots changes after each attempt to indicate how close you are to catching the cat.

Tips, Tricks, and Winning Strategies

Predict the Cat's Movement & Avoid Proximity

A crucial key to success is predicting the cat's movement direction. Avoid randomly clicking on boxes, as it will lead to a quick defeat. Analyze the cat's patterns and plan your moves accordingly.

While it may seem logical to start trapping the cat from the closest boxes, this strategy can backfire. The clever cat can find an escape route easily. Begin building your trap from further away to limit its options.

Learn from Failure & Cover the Last Spots

If you face multiple losses, don't be discouraged. Utilize the reset button and learn from your mistakes. Analyze the cat's behavior and refine your strategies for subsequent attempts.

Cover the last spots in the direction the cat is moving to secure victory. By closing off its potential escape paths, you confine it within your trap, rendering it unable to move and ensuring your win.

Patience and Observation

Rather than hastily raising barriers, take your time to observe the game's level and identify the most obvious paths. Concentrate on distant locations rather than focusing solely on neighboring areas. Thoughtful planning and patience will greatly enhance your chances of success.