Shell Shockers

Play Shell Shockers for the action-packed world. It is an egg-citing multiplayer .io FPS game where armed eggs go head-to-head in a battle for supremacy.

About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers ( is a thrilling multiplayer .io first-person shooter (FPS) game that brings meaning to egg-citement. With its egg-themed characters armed with guns, it offers a unique twist to the traditional FPS genre. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to online gaming, Shell Shockers provides endless hours of fun and intense gameplay. We’ll explore the different aspects of Shell Shockers, including gameplay, game modes, weapons, and more.

To embark on your egg-shooting adventure, jump into the game, select a character name, and customize your egg. You can immerse yourself in the Shell Shockers arena with four exciting game modes. The primary objective is to protect yourself while inflicting maximum damage on opposing eggs. Test your skills in each game mode and strive to conquer the competition.

How to Controls

  • Gamepad is now supported!
  • WASD to move
  • Left-click to shoot
  • E to change weapon
  • F to make a melee attack
  • Q to throw a grenade

Tips and Tricks for Shell Shockers

  • Play tactically: Employ strategic thinking and utilize the environment to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • Act quickly: React swiftly to changing situations and stay one step ahead of your adversaries.
  • Collect egg ammunition: Keep an eye out for ammunition pickups to ensure a steady supply of firepower.
  • Think like an egg: Adapt to the unique movement mechanics of an egg and utilize them to your advantage.

Exciting Game Modes

  • Teams: Join the red or blue team in intense battles against enemy eggs. The team with the most collective kills emerges victorious.
  • Free For All: It’s every egg for themselves in this mode. Aim and eliminate any egg you encounter to avoid being scrambled yourself. Only one can claim victory.
  • Capture the Spatula: Two teams compete for control of the spatula. The team holding the spatula earns points for kills, but losing the holder results in losing those points.
  • King of the Coop: Battle it out with two teams for control of the coop. Secure the designated area and enjoy the rewards of victory.