Geometry Dash Lite

Experience Geometry Dash Lite, the version of the popular Geometry Dash series. Overcome obstacles and new maps, and your character with various skins.

Geometry Dash Lite Introduction

Geometry Dash Lite offers a captivating and adrenaline-pumping experience for gamers who enjoy running games. As the next installment in the renowned Geometry Dash series, this game introduces exciting new features that set it apart from its predecessors. From controlling your character to navigating through treacherous obstacles, Geometry Dash Lite promises a unique and addictive gameplay experience.

Game Features

Overcoming Deadly Obstacles

Your main goal in Geometry Dash Lite is to steer your character through various dangerous barriers. To progress in the game, you must avoid running into obstacles like spikes, tall walls, and blocks. Different challenges are presented by each barrier, necessitating exact timing and rapid reflexes. You may play the game as often as you like to hone your abilities and advance to more difficult levels. Additionally, the practice mode provides a secure setting to hone your skills before taking on harder tasks.

Exploring New Maps

Geometry Dash Lite’s variety of new maps is one of its most notable aspects. Each map is distinct and offers new, thrilling routes to go. Because there are no duplicates, players are always interested in what the game offers. The huge variety of maps adds to the game’s all-around appeal by fusing appeal, difficulty, and originality to enthrall players of all skill levels.

Customizing Your Character

There are several ways to customize characters in the game. There are seven characters: the Cube, the Ship, the Ball, the UFO, the Wave, the Robot, and the Spider. Because of their distinctive movement patterns, each character offers a different gameplay experience. For instance, the Ship character needs precisely timed clicks to rise and fall while the Cube figure spins while jumping. Additionally, the game offers a variety of skins for every character, enabling you to customize their appearance. With an astonishing variety of 148 skins for the Cube character and 51 skins for the Ship character, you may make a genuinely distinctive avatar. Additionally, a varied color pallet of 96 shades enables you to give each skin your unique touch.

Game Modes

Geometry Dash Lite features 15 game modes, each offering varying difficulty levels. The upper-right corner displays the number of stars, indicating the mode’s difficulty level. These featured modes present thrilling challenges, from Stereo Madness and Back On Track to Base After Base and Dry Out. As you progress through each mode, aiming for 100% completion, you’ll unlock the prestigious winner title. The diverse range of game modes ensures a constant stream of exhilarating gameplay and the opportunity to achieve remarkable accomplishments.


  • Click the left mouse or press the Spacebar to jump.