Geometry Dash Unblocked

Geometry Dash Unblocked is a fast-paced game that challenges your agility and control skills. With unique features and modes, this running game stands out.

Game Modes In Geometry Dash Unblocked

Three different game modes, each with unique difficulties, are available in Geometry Dash Unblocked. You play the Geometry Dash series’ iconic gameplay in Stereo Madness mode, where all you have to do is jump and move. Since the obstacles are close together in a continuous line in the Back on Track mode, you must utilize springboards on the ground to push yourself automatically. In this unblocked mode, you must click the mouse to jump over the walls using springboards in space as support materials.

Tips To Play

Here are some valuable tips to help you clear levels in Geometry Dash Unblocked:

  • Hold the mouse to repeat jumps and overcome the obstacles that are near together.
  • Don’t click the mouse to jump when your character is too far or too close to the obstacles because the length of each jump is limited.
  • Play in full-screen mode to see all the dangers.


  • Click the left mouse button or up arrow to jump and fly.

Game Features

Changing Characters

Unlike other running games, Geometry Dash Unblocked offers five unique characters: cube, ship, UFO, robot, and wave. Each character has different features and can be accessed through a portal. You can play with all of them and choose your favorite character.


The game’s primary goal is to get a high score by reaching the end of the route while overcoming various obstacles. There are 21 levels filled with challenges waiting for you, with increasing difficulty as you advance the levels. You can see your rank on the leaderboards, which show the top 500 players who have achieved the highest scores in the world.

Conquering Obstacles

The game may seem simple, but it’s packed with many obstacles, and the little block moves at high speed, making it challenging to control. You must use quick reflexes and control abilities to jump, fly, or use support items to avoid obstacles. You can estimate the time for correct jumps and combine clever jumping techniques to keep your character safe.
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