Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Explore the intense Geometry Dash Bloodbath, an Extreme Demon level, to discover its unique features, intricate gameplay mechanics, and talented collaboration.

About Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Geometry Dash Bloodbath, abbreviated as BB, is an iconic level within the game. Known for its extreme difficulty and impressive design, this mega-collaboration level offers players a thrilling and intense experience.

Created by the talented user Riot, Bloodbath held the top spot on the Official Extreme and Insane Demon Records list for an extended period. We delve into the various sections, gameplay mechanics, and the creative collaboration that brought this level to life.


  • Click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to jump or fly up.

Sections and Gameplay Mechanics

0-10% (Weoweoteo)

The level starts with a ship game, followed by a black and red color scheme. Players navigate through sequences of double-speed cubes, triple-speed ships, and mini-balls. Gravity portals modify the ship’s gravity to the beat, adding to the challenge.

10-25% (Vermillion)

Players encounter triple-speed ship sequences with changing gravity and maneuver flying. A half-speed ball section requires precise timing and musical note representations. The level presents backward segments and gravity portal sequences.

25-33% (Michigun)

The pace slows, introducing a tranquil phase with innovative cube sequences, spikes, and gravity shifts. A ship sequence and a challenging UFO segment follow, testing players’ reflexes and precision. The section concludes with a tight wave.

The race to beat the game

The pursuit of overcoming Bloodbath began with Zeostar and Sandstorm, two skilled players who pushed the boundaries of their abilities. Zeostar swiftly progressed, achieving 25% just days after the level’s release. With subsequent advancements to 27% and 34%, Zeostar showcased remarkable skills. Meanwhile, Sandstorm embarked on the level, initially conquering the first half before eventually abandoning the challenge.

Mabby01, known for his gaming prowess, embarked on his quest to beat Bloodbath. Showing exceptional determination, Mabby01 achieved 61% on January 16, 2016, shortly before triumphing over the renowned level Cataclysm.

He made strides, reaching 66% and 71% on February 5 and February 14, respectively. However, like his predecessors, Mabby01 faced the overwhelming challenge and discontinued his pursuit.

If you can't pass the tests of this game, you can explore Geometry Dash 2.2, where new levels and obstacles will match your skills.