Planet Clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2 is a space-themed clicker game where you construct a thriving empire by farming resources, trading with players, and overcoming crises. Let’s play it now!

Game Introduction

Planet Clicker 2 takes you on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos, where you will embark on a mission to build a prosperous empire. With its captivating gameplay and immersive features, this space-themed clicker game offers endless hours of addictive fun. Let's explore the exciting world of Planet Clicker 2 and its essential aspects.

How to Play Planet Clicker 2

Building your empire in Planet Clicker 2 is a rewarding and engaging experience. Click on your buildings to collect resources and enhance your production capabilities. Additionally, explore various bonuses such as cash rewards from clicking on ads, crisis events requiring problem-solving skills, and occasional gifts from other players.

Controls: Use the left mouse button on the planets to generate energy.

Tips To Play

  • Start with a Strong Foundation: At the beginning of the game, focus on optimizing your energy production on Earth. Upgrade your clicking power and invest in essential industries like farms and power plants.
  • Plan Your Upgrades Wisely: Strategically prioritize your upgrades to maximize your energy output. Identify which buildings or technologies offer the most significant boost in production and prioritize upgrading them first.
  • Explore New Planets: As you unlock new planets, don’t hesitate to explore and colonize them. Each planet presents unique resources and technologies that can significantly enhance energy production.

Game Features

Harvesting the Power of the Planets

Unleash the energy potential of each planet in the game to enhance your production capabilities. As you unlock new planets, you gain access to advanced technologies and increased energy production. From Earth to Mars and beyond, every planet introduces unique resources and technologies to exploit.

Humble Beginnings on Earth

Begin your empire-building journey on Earth, where you will cultivate energy production through various means. Upgrade your clicking power, establish farms, power plants, and other essential industries to boost your energy output. Lay the foundation for your intergalactic empire with strategic investments and advancements.

New Frontiers on Exotic Planets

As your mission takes flight beyond Earth, you will encounter exciting opportunities to tap into the vast resources of other planets. On Mars, you will unlock cutting-edge energy harvestings methods, such as nuclear and oil technologies and enigmatic Martian advancements. Each new planet presents its technologies and resources waiting to be harnessed.

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