The Backrooms

Explore the Backrooms now! Get out of the eerie rooms, solve puzzles, and race against time to escape the foreboding building.

The Backrooms Gameplay

The Backrooms game transports you to a mysterious, lonely building filled with strange rooms and corridors. Your objective is simple yet challenging: find the shortest route to escape. However, be prepared for the unexpected, as everything within this building is unsettlingly different from what you’d anticipate.

To devise a winning strategy, thorough exploration is essential. Search each room for clues and artifacts as they hold the key to unlocking the puzzles that lie ahead. Please pay attention to notes you discover, but exercise caution, as their origins and intentions may be ambiguous.

While navigating this mysterious universe, you may encounter spine-chilling noises emanating from distant corners. Beware, as these sounds may indicate the presence of a terrifying monster. As you delve deeper, distinguishing between reality and imagination becomes increasingly challenging. Keep your wits about you and strive to escape swiftly, as the outcome may have alternative consequences.

Key Features of The Backrooms Game

The game offers a range of unique features designed to immerse players in its haunting atmosphere.

Each room is characterized by a distinctive yellowish tint, evoking a sense of unease. The absence of eye-catching graphics is compensated by the constant buzz of lights, monotonous wallpaper designs, and labyrinthine hallways that can disorient you. As you progress, the scent of musty old walls and carpets permeates the air, heightening the sense of immersion.

Prepare yourself for unsettling hallucinations, where bizarre monsters relentlessly pursue you. The game deviates from conventional horror tropes, providing enough thrills to engage even the most seasoned horror game enthusiasts. Combining these elements ensures that boredom is never an issue, ensuring a thrilling experience throughout the game.

Levels in The Backrooms

The Backrooms consist of three distinct levels, each progressively more challenging:

Level 0

Level 0 mirrors the original photograph of the game. It features decaying carpets, yellow walls, and flickering fluorescent lights. Hostile and disfigured entities called “hunting dogs” roam this level, constantly threatening your progress.

Level 1

By leaving the “noclip zone” in Level 0, you unlock Level 1. This stage introduces machinery and presents new hazards, such as a fog-filled warehouse with standing water. The flickering lights and occasional blackouts add to the tension and intensify the overall atmosphere.

Level 2

The darkest and most challenging level of The Backrooms, Level 2 resembles an extensive tunnel with industrial aesthetics. Progressing to this level requires successfully navigating Level 1. Surviving Level 2 becomes a test of nerves and observation skills as clues become increasingly crucial in securing your escape from this harrowing predicament.

How to Controls

  • Run If Spotted.
  • Read Notes Carefully.
  • Examine Puzzles Rigorously.
  • Listen For Unusual Noises.
  • Stick Close To Friends.