Geometry Dash Polargeist

Explore Geometry Dash Polargeist, the third level in the popular game series. Overcome new challenges and navigate through thrilling sequences.

About Geometry Dash Polargeist

Geometry Dash Polargeist is a captivating level featured in Geometry Dash 2.2 and Geometry Dash Lite. With its normal difficulty, Polargeist introduces players to jumping challenges that test their skills and reflexes. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of this exciting level, uncover the locations of secret coins, and provide helpful instructions to navigate through the gameplay.

Level Overview

Polargeist is the third level in the Geometry Dash series, offering players a thrilling gaming experience. It was released with the initial version of the game and is available in both the Lite and Full versions. The level consists of various sequences, including cube, ship, and portal segments, accompanied by captivating audio.


  • You left-click or use the up arrow key to control your character.

Games Features

Jumping Challenges and New Elements

Polargeist introduces players to new jumping obstacles, primarily through yellow jump rings. These rings add extra difficulty, especially during the second cube sequence. Players must carefully time their jumps and navigate through the levels, maintaining distance from the ceiling and avoiding suspended blocks.

Secret Coins

Exploring the level of Polargeist allows players to discover secret coins, adding a layer of challenge and excitement. Let's uncover their locations and how to collect them:

  • The first secret coin is 44% and can be collected while controlling the ship. Players need to fly close to the ceiling while avoiding the suspended blocks. A group of blocks below it cleverly shields the coin. Descend upon collecting the coin to clear an oncoming block.
  • The second secret coin awaits at 63% and can be obtained while playing as the cube. After sliding down a series of columns, players must start jumping up a series of platforms. Slide off the fourth platform to land on a brief line platform. Then, immediately jump onto another line platform and pass through an exposed section of an approaching column.
  • The third secret coin can be found at 77% and collected while controlling the cube. After passing beneath overhead spikes, players must execute a precise jump to avoid an oncoming spike as early as possible. This will reveal a concealed gravity pad beside the platform.