Police Car Simulator

Police Car Simulator is a captivating 3D game where you can drive, customize your police car, and fulfill exciting missions. Let’s check it out!

Police Car Simulator Introduction

Welcome to Police Car Simulator, the ultimate 3D game that allows you to step into the shoes of a police officer and embark on thrilling missions in a realistic city environment. With its dynamic gameplay, customizable cars, and immersive features, Police Car Simulator promises an unforgettable experience. Get ready to patrol the streets, chase criminals, and uphold the law in this exciting police simulation game.

Explore the City

Police Car Simulator offers a sprawling 3D city for you to explore. Take control of your police car and navigate through the streets, alleys, and highways in search of missions and hidden treasures. Immerse yourself in the realistic city environment as you respond to calls, chase down criminals, and maintain law and order.

Drive and Customize

In Police Car Simulator, you can choose and customize your police car. Select from a range of sleek and powerful vehicles with unique characteristics. Enhance your car’s performance and appearance by adding subtle custom options, such as shaded windows and neon underflow lights, and even customize the color of the smoke that emits from your wheels. Make your police car stand out on the streets as you patrol with style.


  • Use the arrow keys to drive the car
  • Use the mouse to change the camera angle by clicking and dragging

Modes And Hidden Briefcases

Experience the thrill of high-speed pursuits in the Police Car Simulator. Choose between drift and arcade modes, each offering a different gameplay style. Drift through sharp turns and showcase your driving skills in drift mode, or engage in intense police chases and missions in arcade mode. For those who prefer a more relaxed experience, free drive mode allows you to explore the city at your own pace.

As a police officer, you’ll have a variety of missions to complete in the Police Car Simulator. From chasing down fleeing criminals to responding to emergencies, each mission presents its challenges and rewards. Look for hidden briefcases filled with money scattered throughout the city. Locate them and collect the rewards to upgrade your car and enhance your performance.